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concert nut; quick bragging

There is always that guy at a show. He either seems completely out of place in dress and gesticulation or is just having whatizit – too much fun (?). So of course that guy gravitates toward me at every show, like he did on Saturday when I went to see Acid Mothers Temple. Jumping up like a crazy person and walking beside the stage and shit to get closer to the guitar. Oh, that guitar is why I'm writing this. So Kawabata has the habit of hanging his guitar above the stage at the end of the set, which proves difficult when less than 6' tall, so this time he hung it on a prison-thick chain hanging from the monitor above us. And of course Frog Guy jumps up there for a grab and my two frenz and I quickly flank him and pull the guitar to us, freaking out like a three man guitar solo would freak anyone out, and quickly pushing Drunk Girl away. The band was minus Makoto was still up there, so tangentially I got to play w/ one of my fav bands!! I'll definitely be downloading the archive since i'm now ON IT. Hoping Mac Nerd caught it on video...!!!

oh and of course i emptied out a bank acct to buy wax

Boredoms -- ANT10
Current 93/NWW-- Nature Unveiled re-release
Boris - Heavy Rocks Vol. 1
v/a -- Digging the Universe (woodsist comp)
Black Uhuru - Chill Out (finally! probably my fav. reggae album OAT)
some weird Sly & Robbie 12" dub single I've never heard of
Spiritualized -- Lazer Guided Melodies
Flower Travellin' Band - Satori (its been staring at me for yrs)
Eden Express - Que Amors Que

Bill Hicks

Twin Peaks 7
A show I'd heard so much about from many of you and finally watched it. Final verdict is that it's good but not great. I dunno. It's not the overhyping that got in the way; more of the shows inability to keep my attention in the second season's new storyline. Billy and Jason already know how I feel about the last episode, but before that, I had a feeling the shows management just got all screwey. Just so many good questions given no answers. Why'd they forget about the owls after season one? If Earl's "mind is like a diamond" how'd he get outsmarted so easily? On and on. I know about the rating troubles the show had and I almost wish I didn't watch the second season, but the characters are the real focus and they're all pretty interesting or entertaining. I loved Albert's emotive monologue with Harry and how it was covered with his douche-ness so well. I love a gov't agent that likes pie and has a sense of humor about his job (more on that in the show below). I love the song "Just You", the opening theme and the guitar variation of said theme. I love how the camera always pans up from Audrey's legs even though she has cankles and her face is her selling point. I loved Nadine, who had the BEST mental disorder ever (seriously--you could get hit on the head and turn into Lee Perry and it would only be half this awesome). I loved that the show sets up good cliffhangers. I loved that the show made me care about its characters, but hated how it disposed of them so easily toward the end (do Sarah and Ronette even appear more than once in S2?). All in all, thanks for the rec, guys.

Kindred: The Embraced   6
This is the early 90s TV adaptation of the roleplaying game Vampire: The Masquerade. I'd always shied away from it as I heard about the inconsistencies between book and script and how it was canceled before anything significant happened. What I found supported my worries but at the same time there was a great show waiting to grow here. Canceled after just 8 episodes (and even less aired), I can understand why. Mostly, they fucked up hard on the pilot. I've thought a lot about this and discussed it with a fellow gamer and really feel this is why the show died so early. We aren't given enough information (and I understand why—they were scared the mythos was too large a turn off) early on about the clans, and more specifically the Masquerade itself. There's no tension for the viewer when it's broken, and the repercussions often seem unwarranted to the uninitiated (which, for a Pilot, must assume everyone is). The entire thing should've been narrated by the Prince and the pilot should've gone farther back in history (maybe even to Caine?), maybe in a Fellowship of the Ring-type opening, so that foundations for characters can be built (and for this show, sadly, they weren't). The Masquerade itself isn't delved into deep enough (and is GLARINGLY broken several times to send info the the audience—a minor flaw, in retrospect) and some of the most bland clans of the table top game (*cough*Brujah*cough*) become even more snore-inducing on screen. The whole vampires-can-day-walk bullshit didn't actually bother me; I understand they had limited funds and just as few excuses to change the mythos, but it doesn't hurt the overall story. Our cookie cutter cop protagonist (C. Thomas Howell) could've been left out all together. I understand the human element is needed but therein lies the core of the show, and the only reason I feel bittersweet about this show: Mark Frankel. The only good actor the show had; the only force to reckon with (and it needed to be Julian) from a character perspective. The rumor Frankel's violent death is what lead the show to it's own demise is false, but had it been brought back it wouldn't have lasted long. Time will tell how much White Wolf will lend out its name to other forms of entertainment, and when they do it'll surely be the utterly shitty New World of Darkness and I'll pop these DVDs back in and wonder what could've been.

The Hidden Fortress 8
Why did I wait so long? Probably the last of Kurosawa's samurai flicks I hadn't seen. Great swashbuckling and of course those two iconic characters Lucas appropriated behind Mifune's usual great acting. Get on it.

Little Norse Prince Valiant 4
Earliest Takahata I've seen and definitely the worst. The story is convoluted, the FX are lame even for animated standards of the 60s and the dubbing is barely on par with Sanrio. Skip this.

Umberto D. 8
I didn't understand what I was watching until the last scene. Then I wanted to cry. Now I want to rewatch this and every other DeSica film.

MST's: Devil Doll, Devil Fish, Soultaker, Ring of Terror, Wild World of Batwoman, The Phantom Planet, Secret Agent Super Dragon, Santa Claus (Mex), Racket Girls

Rifftrax: Cloverfield, Casino Royale, Predator, Jurassic Park (rewatch), Harry Potter 5, The Last Airbender, Clash of the Titans, xXx, Batman & Robin, Transformers, Roadhouse (on deck)


sound in 2010
Bill Hicks

A great yr for music, and I thought about doing a top 10, but nah, ONE triumphs over ALL

それが それが






Suprisingly it makes NONE of yalls list(s). I can only assume you have not heard it. 

honorable mentions:
Acid Mothers Temple & The Melting Paraiso U.F.O. — In 0 to Infinity
Black Bombain — Saturdays and Space Travels
Autechre — Oversteps
Zach Hill — Face Tat
Pantha du Prince — Black Noise
Ali Farka Toure & Toumani Diabete — s/t
Growing — Pumps!
Magic Lantern — Platoon
Sun Araw — On Patrol / Off Duty
Sigh — Scenes from Hell
Swans — My Father Will Guide Me Up a Rope to the Sky
Citay — Dream Get Together
Tech N9ne — Lost Scripts of KOD
Unleashed — As Yggdrasil Trembles
Atheist — Jupiter
Acid Wtich — Stoned
The Psychedelic Aliens — Psycho African Beat
Grave — Burial Ground
Shugo Tokumaru — Port Entropy (for "Lahaha" alone)
CYNIC — Re-Traced
Inquisition — Ominous Doctrines of the Perpetual Mystic Macrocosm
Big Boi — Sir Lucious Left Foot - the Son of Chico Dusty
Electric Wizard — Black Masses
Deathspell Omega — Paracletus
dishonorable mentions:

Current 93 — Baalstorm, Sing Omega (get your kids out of my neofolk)
Drudkh — Handful of Stars (get your Creed out of my Emperor)
something else pissed me off this year, forgot what

Oh, life.
Hamburger time.

Hausu, finally
First, I gotta say, I stayed away from trailers and spoilers for YEARS while hearing about how great this movie was from damn near every corner of the internet I care about. Here, blogspot, facebook, etc, all had a mass amount of House fans telling me how funny and great this movie was, and finally I get it. Even better, I watched it with friends in a garage behind a cloud of smoke and half-projected onto the side of a '70s Ford Maverick. Basically, perfect conditions. Greensboro's Carousel be damned!

Couple'a things: hilarity every five minutes. Dancing skeletons. A cat/piano solo that made the soul Fatso Schmidt shine so brightly. Racial slurs against "Kung Fu" at every chance. Decapitated, vomiting heads. Oh, and what was with the tape clipping? I assume this was an editing trick where they hand cut individual frames, but I could be wrong. Being blind to the means, I have to say the end result is actually very effective. Especially in the beginning when your eye constantly wanders from frame to frame behind that glam-rock fusuma. Actually, all the cheesy FX are really good (in that Evil Dead kinda way). A soundtrack that sounds compiled between Ram Jam, Zebby Tembo, and...a Japanoise rocker of your choice.

Everyone there loved it, just so you know. To me, this is a replacement for Rocky Horror-type fun and its added cultural distancing (and time, I guess) makes it more fun for the unaware viewer. There are too many great moments to name. Basically, you fucks were right, you just need to see it to get it. I wanted to say I wanted to hate it, but I really wanted to make love to its undeniable swagger. Best Halloween I've had in awhile.

What did you guys do?

Fuck the haters; 2,042 down, some million to go
Tanizaki's own
Finished Heisig (RTK1) a couple nights back, after like 10 some months of writing/practicing every week and nearly every day. Can't imagine what the people who bad mouth this course have to say beyond "it doesn't teach readings", which is like complaining a toaster doesn't make bread. This idea of "imaginative memory" is intriguing in at least the perfunctory fashion of pairing story with thought (there's no real system, but much freedom), instead of working from grammatical and phonological rules, which is not how anyone learns language in the developing stages of life YET we all learn this bullshit way from "educators". The famous and often quoted introduction is laughable in its way of telling you that you can complete this course in six weeks. Six months would be the ideal goal for your above average student. Not that I am, but I'll probably try to make it through in that time on my second time around. All in all, one of the biggest things I've ever set out to accomplish.

Anyone interested can take a peek here [PDF]

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Bill Hicks

dying for a screening of this. also, the day the russel crowe thing comes out, I will punch a nun in the fucking jaw, I swear to god.

rarely comment on shit like this

The most typical, myopic journalism around. I don't really critique rap much because, yeah, but seeing how this dude is set to "blow up" I have to say: what the fuck? Why has NO ONE mentioned that he pretty much makes our town look like a goddamn NOLA project (sorry) or some other indigent-infused co-opt of struggle made rap(e) song? All my uni  had to comment on was...the language? Really? Can our Eng dept really not read a transcript? I mean, that's a given w/ the cheerleaders, but really. Oh, and considering he graduating from FTS a year ahead of me - why'd he have to demoralize an already failing and oppressed school's hood rats' with his car explosions? Seriously, this was the whitest black guy in my 6th period gym class. So just remember, he may be on Jay-Z's label, but to me he was always a white boy in global studies with a notepad

Bill Hicks

Oh right I was supposed to write this.


Not a collasal fuck up, but the audience reaction was bad enough for me to think they WON'T do Book's 2 and 3. For me personally, it wasn't that bad. Went with 9 people and I was the only one who didn't leave pissed. We're talking about me though, so, yeah, just sayin'. It comes down to MNS not being the director for this job. At 100 minutes, it's too long, we have no connection to the past events that lead up to present scenes and nearly all minor character introduction was edited out. Oh, and they pronouce most every name wrong. 'Wrong' not being bad, but like Iroh = ee-roh; Aang = aaaang and so forth. Basically he went with the trad. Japanese phonetic system. OK, that's fine, but what someone didn't tell MNS was that it's near cringe-inducing when it was one way for three whole years on the show. Everyone in the theater hated it, but I became used to it; its not a major gripe. What's important is the story. They kinda do that OK, kinda.


There were other little things. Mostly everything felt rushed. As was said, so much material into 90-100 minutes was hard and most any emotional tie from any ep of the show isn't intact, though I do give props to the lead roles. Yue however was horrible. Oh, and one major gripe is that we never SEE, ON SCREEN how Aang gets into the iceberg. OK, they logic-it-away with one little line of dialogue but fuck, this isn't an episode of The Next Generation; we need to see it happen. They had plenty of footage w/ the monks, so, whaddup with thattt?


There is one major, major change related to bending itself. Still may not fuck up the story though, BUT If you HAD to name which MNS fuckup would appear at the climax of this movie, this is it. And it's revealed at the end, again with one line of ambiguous dialogue by an off-screen character. It makes no fucking sense. And it makes my favorite character look really, really bad and OP to me. But other than that, I liked it more than your average movie goer will. The reviews will be horrible.


Basically just stay home and watch your DVDs of the show.

Last Airbender thoughts, predictions
Got a friend who helps manage a theater so I will be seeing The Last Airbender at an early midnight showing tomorrow. As it was first a show I fervently followed for three years on TV, I am both excited and scared (mostly the latter) about this adaptation from M. Night Fuckemup. Hollywood always ruins shit, but I think it'll do some things right. Most probably wrong. Then in a few days I'll post the after thoughts.

Here's some shit I think they'll get right. First, ILM is doing the visuals so I expect everything to look great. Appa's face is already a bit cartoonish looking to me (can be seen in these TV spots they've been running like AIDS awareness) but Momo should be right on the money. And if Hollywood does anything right, they do dumb right. So, Sokka's character shouldn't be too hard to nail, so I think the comedic relief that he brings will probably appear on the big screen (and will probably be the only thing that appears seeing that they have to put 20 episodes into two hours). Most all other aesthetics of the show can be covered with the budget, so in the looks dept., it should be OK for me. Oh, and Iroh. Sure, Mako is dead (he would've been the obvious choice for this role), and sure, the guy they got to play him is brown and skinny, but from all the early reviews I've read he'll nail the part. And he's one of my favorite characters, so if they DO fuck this up nothing will recover it for me.

And oh boy, the shit they will fuck up: Acting. All the acting will be bad. Just a knee-jerk prediction coming from what little the trailers' show us and considering...they're kids. Oh, and I hear something about their skin tone being off, but as I am a racist, mouth-breathing, neonate republican with the wallet to fund this movie, I do not care.
But on the real, they're really going to fuck up Zuko, my absolute favorite character, because he is actually the main character of the cartoon. Dev Patel was good in Slumdog, yeah, but here I predict overacting and bowel-straining line delivery. Not to mention, goddamit, why are they all brown? Seriously. Does M Night hate his own skin? Or does his daughter's TV have some kind of contrapositive color setting that had all the fire nation soldier's list "india" as their contry of origin in Shamalyan's mind? This is too big NOT to notice, and I've thought that maybe, for these next two movies, that M. Night WON'T have some horseshit surprise ending. Seriously. And then, at Book 3's conclusion, we will all be buttfucked by the stained and gummed lining of our theater seats as the Fire Nation as a whole 'converts to good' or some shit, showing brown as the poop-movie victor! Now, I know Zuko "turns" but that's part of his character; that he was never really "bad" as much as pissed and confused and hurt. But the way the show ended showed NOTHING political. These adaptations will change that. Just a thought/prediction.
Other than that, just the trimming that Hollywood always does. Bumi, Haru, Jet and several other cool minor characters will not be shown at all. I won't be mad, but this'll probably mean Yue will get way more screen time with her Hot Topic colored contacts and shit. She'll probably be turned into that whine-bitch-moan character that tries to direct Aang at every turn (no real predictions about what Katara will be like, but she could stand in for this role) and holds tight to Sokka's leash until the conclusion of a mildly good Hollywood adaptation that sets up disappointment in the heart of fans for the two following films.

That, or they'll do everything right.

Nah. I'm right. They won't.

me meme
Spike + cigarette
That thing that is goin'roun. You post a comment and I give you 5 things I think about when I hear/see/read you. What others said of me, and explanaxions:


Sensible anime fans -- Among the few, surely. You and Brian have more hold on whats good in this dept., whereas I concentrate on whats Japanese and on a page, as Brian said in my last manga post. Seriously though, if I want new goods I come to you two, not my own gut.

The "meta" in metal -- Oooo. Interpretation. I guess this means I'm beyond what a normal metalhead is? I would hope so, though I dislike that title. The other day I got run off the road by a 1990 Honda Civic with 13" spinners (!!!) and a Trivium sticker on bumper. This is probably how the whole woild views all metal fans; at least to me, and this is why I stay clear of that title to begin with.

Disapproval, but not for its own sake -- My best fren & I were talking about how we've slowly let (a little) elitism go about its day when we view shit. Not entirely, duh, as I am still an instigator and cynic, but have maintained more of a balance than I had at 18. I disapprove of so much, but come to like more fun, senseless things these days. The Karate Kid (2010) was good.

The better side of  --  Moar on this later. Damn, fuck, I knew I couldn't do this w/out giving into some forum 1337speek* bullshit.

Probably the most common ground --  We could get along OK, I think. I'd have much to learn from you; maybe you'd have something to learn from me....


BORIS -- The duh choice, but my fondest memory of you, as well. I remember you bouncing up and down when they played "Woman on the Screen" @ the first show we went to in 2006 and I also remember Michael sat in the back because he is a smelly, mean douche that doesn't get Boris.

Toshiro Mifune -- Hmm, I do love this man. One of the finest of all Japanese actors, surely. We talked about him over breakfast at that place in Chapel Hill, I remember.

hotass Suehiro Maruo  -- You introduced me to him, if any one person did. Thank you. Still don't own any of his actual artwork (who the fuck does?) but one day....

doom ---d 0000000000000000 m.  Also, one of my fav. characters in Marvel and especially to play as in MvC2

weeaboos -- surely you don't think... well, it did make me laugh, and I am fanatic about what is good. I like's quote: I told that weeaboo girl over there that Inuyasha sucks. She slapped me across the face and proceded to cuss me out in Japanese.


the student becomes the master  -- The rating comm joke I knew had to be in there. I remember you were my first 'yes' at s_r. Man, fuck pretty much 90% of that place (and all music comms). I ain't a master of anything and I shudder to think of looking at my app. & shudder even more to think of what twats I tried to impress in that place.

\m/  -- I am metal, sure. I love metal so much, just wish I had real buddies to talk about it with. You would cry seeing the shit that is popular around here.

carolinian angst  -- fueled by my voice post's, no? Looking back, those seemed to be the selling point of my journal in "them good ol' days". Maybe I'll get a paid acct again?

electronic passion and lungsful of euphoria
-- this made me guffaw pretty good. I have passion for much electronic music, some of it while high. This specifically, along w/ one of Dennis', made me think this was a good meme for creating LJ titles w/. Might just uze it!

not so much anger as contempt, expressed well -- Oh, it's anger. I'm glad I can write well (enough, heh) cause I find it really hard to verbalize all the negativity that flows around my conscious. Though, that's probably a good thing with the size of my mouth being what it is.



* Spell check reds up things like "comm" and "we're" but not THIS? These weeaboos really have taken over, man, fuck.

5 things directed at myself that didn't appear & are distinctly part of my nerddom:

table top gaming
my p/t job
comedy / crowd control
my name

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